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About Real Creative Leadership
“True creative leadership moves well beyond the craft of creating.”
— Adam Morgan

Real Creative Leadership was born out of a passion to foster real leadership opportunities for people in creative fields. Now that creativity has a seat at the table, creatives need to show they have the skills to lead. 

RCL is a partnership between global creative leader, Adam Morgan, and The Stoke Group, a full-service digital marketing that specializes in content marketing, video, and interactive experiences.

Adam pulls from his own experience of 20+ years with both agency and in-house marketing teams, and the experiences of other professionals.

Elevating the importance of creative work in your organization requires a calculated effort. The most effective creative leaders know how to generate the right environment for creative work and how to advocate for creative thinking at the highest levels. 

Join us to explore the challenges and opportunities of being a creative leader in the business world. We’ll share practical insights and guidance on the day-to-day of building smart creative teams, as well as learning how to advocate for creativity as a means to grow your business.

Create a community
Connect creative leaders in a space dedicated to growth
Share real-world insights
Highlight experiences of Industry professionals
Develop business leaders
Empower creatives to be strategic business executives
Learn best practices
Provide practical ways to elevate the role of creativity in business
Connect with Adam

Adam Morgan is a global brand, creative, and content leader, and author of Sorry Spock, Emotions Drive Business. He was also named to AdWeek’s Creative 100. As a veteran of the marketing industry, he has over 20 years of agency experience and is a frequent speaker on the topic of creative leadership. Find him at

Connect with Stoke

The Stoke Group is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in content marketing, video, and interactive experiences. Find us at

Connect with Stoke

The Stoke Group is a client-first agency dedicated to providing world-class creative strategy and content development, paid placements, and performance analytics to deliver outstanding digital experiences. We help our clients build a strong brand and meaningful customer connections. Find us at