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How to Thrive In a Down Market
Guest Speaker

Shachar Aylon

Creative Director, Amazon Music AMP

From early-stage startups to global tech juggernauts, Shachar has spent over a decade working with mission-driven companies to define and evolve their brand. Through writing, design, filmmaking, photography, and creative direction he brings teams together to craft meaningful campaigns that are brimming with optimism, inspiration, and charm. Shachar’s work has been recognized by Barack Obama, the New York Times, Kobe Bryant, Ricky Martin, Cannes Lions, and the Webby Awards.

Let your creativity thrive.

There’s a market for the work you’re inspired to share, no matter what the economy looks like. In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, we’ll go deep with Shachar Aylon, Creative Director at Amazon Music AMP, who promises that putting yourself out there is a risk always worth taking. Shachar discusses how creative leadership tools — from feedback to mentorship to setting a vision — are the secrets to building the confidence a creative career requires. And don’t miss his three key ingredients for creating courageously.

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