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Creative Leadership Through Difficult Change
Guest Speaker

Nicole Parente-Lopez

Executive Creative Director, Intuit Brand Storytelling and Experiences

Nicole Parente-Lopez currently serves as Executive Creative Director of Intuit Brand Storytelling and Experiences. She leads multidisciplinary creative teams to deliver cohesive end-to-end global brand and marketing experiences, galvanizing Inuit’s employees, customers, and shareholders around Intuit’s mission and vision. Earlier in her career, Nicole worked with a diverse range of clients; from corporate to educational, to fine arts and publishing. This path has given her a broad view of the power of design at every level and angle, which is her driving force daily.

Navigating change is all about having the right mindset.

This episode of Real Creative Leadership discusses how to think strategically about progress. Because the reality is: it takes time. Adam’s guest Nicole Parente-Lopez, Executive Creative Director of Intuit Brand Storytelling and Experiences, suggests that falling in love with the strategy behind change is how you embrace it. And by celebrating the small wins along the way, creative leaders can help their teams stay engaged, even during complex evolutions.

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