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The Unique Advantage of ‘Quiet Creatives’
Guest Speaker

Jeff Paris

VP and Executive Creative Director, MasterControl

Jeff Paris has been working in marketing for more than three decades. He is VP and Executive Creative Director for MasterControl, a technology company supporting life-sciences organizations. Prior to that, he worked as an SVP and Executive Creative Director for MRM/McCann where he led the creative efforts for clients including Intel, Verizon, United States Postal Service, Mastercard, and 3M Health Information Systems. He has worked with brands including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Mighty Dog, and Maybelline New York.

Before working in agencies, Jeff served for nearly a decade as the marketing director for the Utah Symphony. He is still an active participant in the arts.

‘Quiet Creatives’ are the superheroes you’ve never heard of (until now)

The line between introverts and extroverts seems rigid in almost every industry—but it turns out, it doesn’t have to be a hard line after all, especially when it comes to creative work.

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, industry veteran Jeff Paris chats with Adam Morgan about the role of “quiet creatives” and how to leverage a team filled with more introverted folks to tell stories that surprise and connect (no matter where they fall on the MBTI scale).

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