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How to Prepare Yourself for the Pitch
Guest Speaker

Danny Fontaine

Creative Director, UK & Ireland at IBM, and Founder of “Pitch Masters” podcast

Danny Fontaine is the go-to-market Creative Director for IBM UK and Ireland and founder of the Experiential Selling Team, a group of creatives, psychologists, storytellers, and technologists, who coach teams through the entire pitch process, as well as execute on all aspects of design and creativity. He teaches across the globe and is passionate about developing creative career paths in the corporate world.

Danny also hosts the top-ranked “Pitch Masters” podcast, where he interviews leaders in advertising, sales, and marketing to find out how they win business.

Crafting the perfect pitch requires an emotional edge — here’s how to find it.

Pitching is a given for most creative industries, and knowing how to take a standard presentation to new heights can separate a good team from a great one. Guest Danny Fontaine, a creative director at IBM and host of the top-ranked “Pitch Masters” podcast, chats about how to tell a story rather than simply design a pitch; ways to leverage emotions as a tool; and tips for leaning into the fear that comes with pitching — and pushing through it.

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