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Sidecar Leadership
Guest Speaker
Jennifer Lai Stern, Head of Brand Studio at PayPal

Jen Stern is an agency-grown creative with 20 years of advertising experience with a background in art direction. She has worked at agencies in New York, L.A., and San Francisco and is now working in-house at PayPal. Her current focus is across the entire brand experience, including advertising, communications, product, hardware, and events. She leads a multi-disciplinary team that builds out capabilities across creative and production with a focus on creative innovation. She is passionate about cultivating creative culture, fostering collaborative teamwork, and supporting creative health.

Sidecar leadership is the transformative management strategy you’ve never heard of.

Sidecar leadership guides teams to discover innovative new solutions to their most important objectives—all without micromanaging and valuing output over empathy. Jen Stern, head of Brand Studio at PayPal, joins host Adam Morgan to talk about how to lead creative teams with an eye towards mentorship and emotional health. With the right approach, Jen explains the ways sidecar leadership can produce groundbreaking creative work and nurture team members to step into their skills with confidence.

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