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How to Become a Creative Director
The Creative Director Skill List
It’s not enough to just be a rockstar.

Here’s the hard truth: even if you’re the best writer or designer in your agency, it doesn’t mean you’re cut out to be a creative director. To lead a creative team you need to have a handle on everything from managing relationships to controlling workflow to, according to Adam Morgan, “making things happen.”

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, Adam Morgan shares how he became a creative director and how, by mastering both the hard and soft skills, you can, too.

Tune in to learn:

  • Nine critical skills to become a creative director
  • How to manage relationships, even outside your team
  • What it means to resource, talk khaki, and “hustle”
  • How to know you’re ready to become a creative director
mentioned in this show:
Adam Morgan
Creative Leader and RCL Host
The Stoke Group
Digital Marketing and Full-Service Content Agency

Comments (6)

Hey Adam–
thanks for another fantastic episode.


This was so incredibly helpful. I’m at a place where I’m assessing my career path ( I found this through the Adobe MAX talk that you did), and the points made me realize I’m not where I need to be, but also gave a clear direction on where I need to go. Thank you for creating such wonderful content!

Great message, Adam. I’ve been Brand-side (in-house) my entire career. And, unfortunately, with the structure of some organizations, I’ve been acting in a Creative Director capacity for much of that time, yet been labeled Creative Manager. I’m now looking for a new opportunity as a legit Creative Director, and this session reassured me I’m on the right track—while also highlighting some opportunities for growth and improvement. Thanks for the great insights!

Awesome stuff Adam and excellent advice. Appreciate the time you put into this and your willingness to share actual experience. Love the advice of thinking about the needs mindset of the leadership above you and taking on the mantle of the company.

Thank you so much Adam ! the information you gave is very insightful and helped understanding myself and approach to creativity. So much respect to your attention to details and honesty.

Thank you very much, Adam! It’s very helpful for me especially as I’m currently finding the right direction and a way to level up in my career

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