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The Dialect of Business with John Knightly
Guest Speaker

John Knightly

Chief Marketing Officer for BlueJeans by Verizon

Through his career, John has worked to help enterprises understand and harness technology innovations, from artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to cloud services, customer experience management, and developer and IT tools.

John’s focus today is helping organizations unlock talent through digital workplace experiences that unleash the creativity and productivity of teams. In the current work-from-home era, that translates into secure and high-quality video conferencing.

It’s time to connect khakis and creatives.

Professional relationships are key to better execution of your creative ideas. But it can be difficult to strengthen those relationships when you struggle to communicate effectively outside of your creative sphere. John Knightly, CMO of BlueJeans, has great insights on how creatives can better communicate with their business peers — or with “khaki,” as we introduced in our last episode — to make it easier to achieve the business goals you have in common. 

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, join Adam Morgan and John as they compare notes from two different sides of the creative process, and discuss the best ways to communicate across departments and break down those language silos.

Tune in to learn:

  • Best practices for creatives when interacting with marketers
  • How creatives can branch out into other leadership positions
  • What creatives need to learn to start speaking in business terms
  • More resources to learn about marketing
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