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Talking Khaki
Learn how and when to start speaking business.

As a creative leader, you now have a lot of new hats. Not only that, but you have new, non-creative peers. This means you need to learn how to talk business in business terms — or “talk khaki” as Adam Morgan calls it — to make sure everyone understands you and how you represent your creative team.

Talking khaki means you know how to convey your ideas and needs effectively to your higher-ups and your business peers — in a way that helps them see the value of your creative input. Watch this episode of Real Creative Leadership to learn more about how to and when to speak business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The four business departments where you’ll need to talk khaki
  • The best methods and materials to help you learn the language
  • Why understanding your organization’s business is foundational to business language
  • How talking khaki will help you better manage up and sideways
mentioned in this show:
Adam Morgan
Creative Leader and RCL Host
The Stoke Group
Digital Marketing and Full-Service Content Agency

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