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How to Map Out Your Creative Career
Don’t just dream about your creative career path — plan it out.

You’re probably familiar with the typical career path for creative pros. You start off as an intern or production assistant, move on to honing your craft as a writer or designer, and then start calling the shots as a creative director. Adam Morgan’s here to challenge the notion that creative careers happen in a linear fashion — and that mastering your craft is all you need to do to progress.

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, Adam offers a more modern take on creative career paths, and shares tools to help you plan your own creative leadership journey.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • 3 skills you need to master as a creative leader
  • How to chart a creative career path that’s right for you
  • What you can do now to prepare for your next career milestone
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Adam Morgan
Creative Leader and RCL Host
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