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Three Things Creative Leaders Should Say — and Mean With Janis Fratamico
Guest Speaker

Janis Fratamico

Global VP of field marketing, Citrix

Janis Fratamico is a senior marketing executive with experience leading multinational teams to drive innovation, long-term strategy, and business results for complex global corporations. Before joining Citrix, Janis lent her talents to companies like SAP, Bloomberg, and IBM.

Build trust as a leader by avoiding these three white lies.

Leaders aren’t perfect communicators. According to Citrix global VP of field marketing Janis Fratamico, there are three distinct statements she’s heard during her career that leaders should say sincerely — but often don’t.

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, Adam Morgan connects with Janis about the most common white lies leaders tell, and why it’s important to be sincere as a creative leader.

Watch this episode to discover:

  • What it means to have a “real failure”
  • Why true authenticity is silent
  • How disagreement can help a professional relationship grow
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