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How to Grow Beyond the Creative Department With Alex Amado
Guest Speaker

Alex Amado

VP of Marketing, Adobe (Former)

Alex Amado is a creatively driven and people-focused senior marketing executive with an exceptional track record of forming and leading teams that build brands, drive revenue, and continuously evolve to meet modern marketing challenges. He has contributed his expertise to Adobe for 17 years, and has watched the company grow from 3,000 employees to 25,000.

Yes, creative leaders can become business leaders — here’s how.

At some point, many creatives hit a career wall and feel like there’s no room to grow. Alex Amado never hit that wall — because he consciously positioned himself to add value beyond the creative department.

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, Alex shares how he made the leap from freelance writer to creative leader to VP of marketing at Adobe.

Watch this episode to discover:

  • Why creatives should venture out of “the cave”
  • 7 skills you need to progress beyond creative leadership
  • How to transcend the “creative” label while using your creativity to solve business problems
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