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The Pros and Cons of In-House vs. Agency
Guest Speaker

Jess Kirkman

Executive Creative Director, Taco Bell

Jess Kirkman is the Executive Creative Director at Taco Bell. Prior to this, she headed up the design department at digital and social agency MRY, working with clients like Visa, JetBlue, Adobe, and Neutrogena. She has a BFA in Communication Design from Syracuse University as well as a background in branding and print design. She also walks the creative talk as a prolific visual artist and teacher.

Let’s get real about in-house vs. agency.

There’s a new fluidity to moving between working in-house and working for an agency that hasn’t always been the case for creatives. Centered in the creative revolution happening in business today, this change values and prioritizes the role creative plays in brand growth.

But what about the transition itself? How do creatives move back and forth successfully? And is there a way to start this process that will yield the most success?

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, Jess Kirkman, Executive Creative Director at Taco Bell, talks about what this fluidity means for creatives — their training, their network, their leadership opportunities — and how experience with both can make you a better designer and a solid asset wherever you do your work.

Watch this episode to discover:

  • How to influence branding from the inside out
  • The skills needed to lead an in-house creative team
  • What benefits result from wearing different hats
  • Why the life-altering moves of yesterday have become today’s stepping stones
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