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Finding Your Voice as a Creative Leader
Guest Speaker

Liz Oh

Head of Brand Design, Grammarly

Liz Oh is the Head of Brand Design at Grammarly on the Product team. She has nearly 20 years of experience as a designer and a creative leader at studios, agencies, and in-house. She specializes in visual design, experience design, creative direction, design systems, and design ops.

She is passionate about advocating for creatives and developing effective approaches to challenge the status quo. She has been teaching a practicum, Design Systems for Social Change, at CalArts since 2019. She is also a mentor on ADPList, where she supports students, designers, writers, and leaders in tech.

Liz holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design with a distinction for her multidisciplinary studies in Industrial Design and Graphic Design. When she is not designing, thinking about design, talking about design, learning more about design, or building her library of design books, you can find her spending time with her daughter and partner in LA.

A real leader has a voice.

Perspective. Opinion. Whatever you want to call it. Voice isn’t just what makes you unique, it’s what makes you a meaningful creative leader. Discovering and cultivating that voice takes work, but it’s also how you become someone worth listening to. 

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, Liz Oh, Head of Brand Design at Grammarly, discusses her journey of finding her voice and how it led her to a creative leadership role she wouldn’t have achieved without it. 

Join now to discover the tips and tricks behind Liz’s inspiring process.

Watch this episode to discover:

  • Why a leader’s voice matters
  • What questions to ask yourself about your own voice
  • How to practice using your voice as a leader
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