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How to Organize and Lead a Creative Team
Guest Speaker

Kevin Frank

Executive Creative Director, LinkedIn

Kevin Frank leads creative at LinkedIn. In his five years there, he transformed the internal agency into a finely-tuned creative machine that made the AdAge Best Places to Work list for two years running and helped the company land a spot on the Interbrand and BrandZ Top Global Brands lists.

Organization for the creative win.

Intentional organization turns creative teams into well-oiled machines. As a creative leader, deciding the who-what-how behind people and projects helps you communicate creative vision to teams who can make it more than just an idea — they can make it a practice. Thoughtfully organized, creatively led teams change company culture and gain client trust, two fundamental aspects of an employee’s day-to-day work experience.

Whether you’re building teams at a company of 20 or of 20,000, LinkedIn Executive Creative Director Kevin Frank joins Adam for this episode of Real Creative Leadership to discuss what creative leaders need to consider — and often easily overlook — about this important process.

Watch now to learn:

  • Why having a philosophy helps you divide up a team
  • How to help teams understand client business
  • When to revisit team organization
  • What it takes to build the relationships business requires
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