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How to Become a Creative Director: Part 2
Guest Speaker

Lucia Matioli

Udemy Senior Global Creative Director

Lucia Matioli, senior global creative director at Udemy, has been working as a creative director and consultant for over 25 years. Before Udemy, Lucia shared her talents at companies including Netflix, Levi Strauss, Gap, GoPro, and more. In her own words, she enjoys blending “strategy, design, and storytelling to deliver unique brand experiences for companies of all sizes.”

The Creative Director Skill List
Get curious about the craft.

The path to becoming a creative director means stepping out of the familiar realm of only being a creative. When Lucia Matioli, senior creative director at Udemy, was first starting out on her journey to becoming a CD, she started asking the right questions: the “why” and “how” behind products and experiences.

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, Adam Morgan chats with Lucia Matioli, senior creative director at Udemy. Lucia shares insights on how she learned strategy by working to deeply understand the experiences she advertised, instead of staying in her prescribed lane.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to handle the essential discomfort that comes with learning strategy
  • 3 key personality traits to develop to become a creative director
  • How to have purpose while managing your craft, team, and clients
  • Why it’s important to have a mentor even once you’re a CD
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