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How Creative Rock Stars Thrive on Creative Friction
Guest Speaker

Jason Sperling

Global Executive Creative Director, Reality Labs at Meta

Jason Sperling has spent over two decades creating smart, strategic, breakthrough work for global brands including Reality Labs at Meta, Apple, Honda, TikTok, and Disney Pixar. His work has won several awards, such as a Grand Effie for ad effectiveness, several Cannes Gold Lions, multiple One Show Gold Pencils, and an Emmy nomination. One of Jason’s most recognizable projects is Apple’s “Mac vs PC” campaign, declared a Top 10 Campaign of the Century by AdAge. His latest book is Creative Directions: Mastering the Transition from Talent to Leader.

A real creative rock star leans into creative friction.

Decorated creative director and author Jason Sperling wasn’t always receiving awards for his amazing work. He used the built-in friction of the creative process to thrive, and now he leads his teams at Reality Labs at Meta through the same growing pains he dealt with.

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, Jason shares how harder times paved his path to creative rockstardom — and how you can use your own creative friction to spark growth.

Watch this episode to discover:

  • One key way to provide a safe work environment for your creative team
  • How to deal with self-criticism, and why it’s important
  • Insights from Jason’s book, “Creative Directions: Mastering the Transition from Talent to Leader”
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