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How to Pivot Your Career Without Starting Over
Guest Speaker

George Hammer

Global Head of Marketing, Tripadvisor

George Hammer leads a world-class global marketing team at Tripadvisor. Before joining Tripadvisor, George was the Chief Content Officer at IBM where he led the company’s transformations in storytelling, product and content marketing, and more. George was the CMO of a startup before spending time leading teams at media companies and digital agencies. He lives in Connecticut and loves to explore all the good in the world.

Maximize for happiness with purposeful career pivots.

A career isn’t something that happens — it’s something you make. Building a professional trajectory that puts happiness in the driver’s seat doesn’t have to just be wishful thinking. When you make it a priority, being happy in your job becomes part of the calculus for your decisions, your learning, and your results.

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, George Hammer, Global Head of Marketing at Tripadvisor, talks about his deliberate career pivots that reflect his choice to lean into happiness and opportunities to learn. He shares how failures are actually wisdom and keys for understanding what makes business go, what makes teams better, and what makes creative work both satisfying and good.

Listen now to learn what a career looks like when you choose to craft your own story.

Watch this episode to discover:

  • How career pivots represent intentionality.
  • Where to spend your time to keep your skills relevant
  • Who to learn from in order to move the creative needle
  • Why creatives need to learn their company’s business
  • What makes a professional pivot purposeful in the creative realm
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