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How to Measure Creative Ideas
Make a difference with data-driven creative work.

When your creativity is helping to drive a business, you need to go with more than just your gut to convince leadership about your campaign ideas. Although measuring creativity can be tricky, the data it provides is what gives creative leaders the firepower necessary to greenlight new projects and make them a success. 

In this episode of Real Creative Leadership, Adam shares his secrets for measuring creativity before it goes to market — ones that give you information you can count on. He also offers his expertise in helping leadership think through primary motivations so creative teams can get to quality ideas faster.

Join us to discover how to make creative decisions using the one-two punch of data and emotion.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • How to use the trade-off triangle with decision-makers
  • Why measuring emotion — not logic — is what it’s all about
  • Where data is most helpful in the creative campaign process
  • What we get wrong by focusing on time spent instead of output
mentioned in this show:
Adam Morgan
Creative Leader and RCL Host
The Stoke Group
Digital Marketing and Full-Service Content Agency

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